How to Run a Successful Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting, if done correctly, can be a very powerful way to engage and convert your target demographic. So, what is retargeting? Retargeting allows you to serve cookies to capture visitors who come to your website, enabling you to later show ads to these visitors as they visit other web properties.

What tools should you use? I recommend both Google Adwords and AdRoll. These are the two I typically turn to because just using Google Adwords doesn’t open the opportunity for you to serve ads outside of the Google network; whereas, utilizing a tool like AdRoll will.

Look at retargeting by funnel phases to help you identify objectives within each. The important factor to consider here is that you want to ensure your ads are relevant per funnel phase and that you’re not just serving the same ads across all actions that take place on your website.

Here’s a clear illustration for reference:

Retargeting FunnelMake sure you optimize targeted landing pages. More specifically, clicks that take place within each funnel phase (i.e. from ad to landing page) need to be relevant and personalized.

For example, someone who’s shown interest would be directed to a landing page with the following headline: “Welcome back! Glad to see you’re still interested…”

Here are a few snippets from an infographic by QuickSprout that provides more landing page guidance:

Optimized Landing PageAB Test Landing Page

Now, that you know all of the things you should be aware of, here are a few specifics to avoid when it comes to retargeting:

  • Ad fatigue. This can happen very quickly if not controlled, so push to have anywhere between 7-10 different ads per month. You can even push for more if you have the necessary resources to help.
  • Cap impressions to 2 per user per day.
  • Rotate creatives from static to animated.
  • Continue A/B testing in conjunction with your landing pages. It’s important to understand which generate the most clicks and how you can then turn those clicks into conversions.

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