10 Tips on Optimizing Your Business Facebook Page

No matter the size of your business, the importance of having a social platform for your audience to interact should be held with high regards. More specifically, Facebook has over one billion active users each month – how are you using this platform to engage with your target audience and ensure that you’re easily found?

As Facebook continues to enhance their platform, keeping up with the new updates can be tough let alone knowing how you should now optimize for their search feature. Here are 10 tips on optimizing your Facebook page:

1. URL

Make sure you’re using a vanity URL, preferably with your company name in it, not the one that Facebook automatically generates for you. Here are a few examples:

  • Facebook.com/suttiday
  • Facebook.com/fastmarkit
  • Facebook.com/earthmoversco

2. Facebook Cover and Profile Photo

Utilize your profile photo and Facebook cover photo to introduce yourself to your community. No need for any hard selling within your cover photo, but make sure you are descriptive with who you are (your profile photo), what you do and why it matters.

3. About

Aside from giving a quick pitch of who you are, include your website URL. Also make sure that you are targeting your brand name in this section as well as your primary keyword and secondary keyword for SEO.

4. Website

List out other social sites and websites that your target audience can find you on. Don’t limit them to just your main company website. By leveraging other sites, you gain knowledge into understanding “where” your target audience spends their time.

5. List Your Address and Phone Number

Don’t be afraid to list out your address and phone number. This is an easy way to make your business readily available to handle inbound calls or inquiries from customers.

6. Visual Images

Especially with the new updates just announced today, the importance of having appealing images that draw attention is key. Ensure all images posted are relevant and that you continue to test which types of images incur engagement.

7. Include Targeted Keywords

Within your status updates, take advantage of including keywords you want to be found for. Facebook Search Graph is going to play a large role in whether or not you show up, so prepare for this.  For example, if you sell cruiser bicycles, make sure to include this keyword along with any variants within your updates.

8. Add Videos

Take advantage of things like video blogging, webinars, tutorials, etc. See how your target audience reacts to this type of content and use it to drive traffic back to your website.

9. Facebook Apps

This is where more of the fun starts. Connect your Twitter feed, install a newsletter subscription, and even leverage any contest or promo specific apps. Apps help increase your chances of having people become a part of your with your activities online.

10. Run Ads

Rather than waiting for the engagement and excitement to come to you, go to them. Run targeted ads to help reach the audience you want and easily make yourself present. I’ve seen effective ads work very well in terms of funneling in engagement that turn in to qualified leads or sales.

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