Expanding the Lifecycle of Your Content Marketing Assets

Content marketing plays an important role with developing customer relationships, generating leads and positioning thought leadership. Having  a content calendar to help guide the creation and promotion process is key to keeping everything organized. And creative thinking of the different ways in which you can expand the lifecycle of your content marketing assets by different channels will help maximize your marketing efforts.

Let’s start by looking at the different channels you should be using to promote your content:

  • Mobile usage is on the rise and is expected to exceed desktop usage in the upcoming years, so making sure your content assets are optimized for mobile is key to reaching a broader audience and also for being where your customers are.
  • Email is not dead. In fact, for every $1 spent on email marketing, an average ROI is $44. Using this channel to run personalized content campaigns will help with getting larger engagement, upselling current customers and generating new ones.
  • Social media is another channel to leverage for dispersing your content assets. Nearly 2.1B people have social media accounts, which shows a huge marketing opportunity, but choosing the ones your customers or potential customers are on will yield better results for you.
  • Paid channels such as social media advertising, PPC via Adwords, and retargeting only work well when you tie each campaign in with a targeted landing page. This gives people one place to go and will show them exactly what they need to do in order to get the content they want.
  • SEO all of your content pieces. Whether you write multiple blog posts to having landing pages for people to download content, make sure you’re doing keyword research and understanding which keywords you need to optimize your content for. Keep in mind, you’re not just optimizing for search engines, you’re optimizing for your target audience to easily find you.

Next up, here are a few ideas you can start implementing today to expand the lifecycle of your content marketing assets:

  • Blog posts are a great way to have fresh content updated onto your website daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Keep track of which blog posts are performing the best in terms of time on site, to driving referral traffic and inbound links. You can easily turn a popular blog post into an infographic or take multiple blog posts similar in topic and create a whitepaper or eBook.
  • White papers can we parsed out into 3-5 different blog posts and 5 or more social media updates scheduled out ahead of time. That in itself, is a huge time saver and allows you to work on other ways to generate interest as well as leads to your business.
  • eBooks should be held with high regard and considered to be one of the highest quality pieces of content. You can parse out your eBooks just as you would with your white papers, but also consider turning popular eBooks into webinars too since you’ll have more content to work with.
  • Webinars can be repurposed into slides via Slideshare and also into one-page guides for bonus tips and tricks. Like the other content assets I mentioned above, webinars can also be turned into white papers, blog posts and multiple social media updates.

Finding creative ways to repurpose content will not only help nurture leads and customers, but multiply the amount of content you have for awareness and thought leadership.

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