5 Ways to Ramp Up Your Landing Pages for Conversions

Running a digital marketing campaign without a targeted landing pages for conversions is like buying a car without a steering wheel. Here’s the thing – you’ve probably spent thousands and thousands of dollars on a nice looking website, but sending traffic to your homepage isn’t going to help you generate quality leads or conversions. Whether you’ve tested landing pages or are completely new to them, here are five ways to ramp them up for conversions today…

Segment Buying Persona

Do you know who you’re trying to reach? It doesn’t matter if you’re within the B2B space or the B2C space – the goal is to write copy that’s suited to those you want to attract. In order to do this, knowing exactly “where” they (your target audience) spends their time online and knowing “how” to message to them is a must! Leverage what you know and segment based on the following criteria:

  • Stage of the funnel?

    • Build Awareness
    • Grow Engagement
    • Generate Leads
    • Sales Interaction

Compelling Headline

The headline will be the first thing visitors see once they hit your landing page, so make sure it is compelling and also makes sense. In other words, if there was a CTA that triggered your potential buyer to click through, simply reiterate that to show that they’ve landed on the right page.

Captivating Form

Forms shouldn’t be extensive or long. Capture the most important info you need and also use directional cues so that your visitors are led down the right path to conversion. And, always test out different forms to see which ones convert the best for you as well. Here’s an example by ContentVerve:
Content Verve
Strong Call-To-Action

What do you want the potential buyer to do? State that, and continue to test so that you better understand what works best. More specifically, I recommend giving something away for free such as, whitepapers, eBooks, webinars, tutorials, podcast, etc. These are all great ways to engage with your potential buyer and then utilize the information you capture from them to further the nurturing process.


Are you credible and why should anyone trust you? Easily answer these questions with testimonials. They are a helpful and meaningful way to show how you’ve helped other businesses succeed.

Lastly, I wanted to share this awesome infographic that lays out additional points worth reading, internalizing and leveraging for landing page success. Enjoy and until next time!

Landing Page Success

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