4 Reasons Why You Should Have A Mobile Marketing Strategy

The buzz around mobile marketing hasn’t died down and it definitely won’t anytime soon. Having a mobile marketing strategy to support the conversations, communities and activities happening within your market is key. Driving traffic, leads and sales isn’t just about leveraging desktops and laptops anymore – so here are a few reasons why you should have a mobile marketing strategy…

1. Mobile email opens are now 41% and according to Marketing Land on pace to surpass PC by end of 2013. This is a strong indication of “where” your target market is and how you can be present outside of just emails. For example, your monthly newsletters aren’t sent out with just the sole purpose to write content without a CTA, right? You will most likely want your recipients to take some sort of action like downloading a free whitepaper, getting a free analysis, or reading a blog post. So ensure that the destination you drive your traffic is mobile friendly and/or responsive.

2. We never look up anymore – no seriously, we really don’t. Here are a few photos to prove that:


Use this as an opportunity to ensure that you are localized with things like ads and deals. This is especially important for businesses that are local like stores, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. Point is – if your target demographic is on their phones, make sure you are too.

3. Life gets busy and we are constantly on the go so sitting in front of a computer/laptop isn’t always ideal. For the businesses that don’t run locally, leverage mobile apps to ensure you don’t lose touch with your customers. Be present so that your customers don’t forget about you. Leveraging apps like Banjo (one of my favorites), Sonar, Circle, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and Twitter will help so that you can respond to any inquiries or comments real-time well into seeing who’s nearby.

4. Marry your mobile strategy with your content marketing. Take a look at some of the major news outlets or even companies like Mashable, Search Engine Land and HubSpot. They consistently pump out great posts to keep their audience engaged – if they can do it, so can you. Schedule out your posts to go out ahead of time. I recommend using tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to help.

Know that finding what works best for your business and your customers is important. Gain a better understanding of their search behavior, when they’re most engaged and what drives their motivation to stay loyal to you. These simple items will help you execute a profitable and successful mobile marketing strategy to not only keep your existing customer base but to also generate new leads.

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