3 Valuable Reasons to Leverage Keyword Research

Keyword research is more than just understanding search queries, volume search and behavioral trends. There are a multitude of reasonings why marketers should leverage this tactic beyond just fitting it into the overall marketing to do’s. In this blog post I’ll address three valuable reasons why I continue to utilize keyword research as an absolute must-have to foster success.

Guide Content Marketing

Mapping out content is so much easier when you know what people are reading, but especially important when you know what your target audience is reading.

Competitive Advantage

Just because everyone is jumping off a cliff doesn’t mean you have to. Sure, that may have been an extreme analogy, but my point being is that you’re poised to having a competitive advantage by using keyword research to target long-tail keywords.

Participate and Be Heard

When you’re actively writing content around topics that your target audience is a) seeking for and b) actively engaged with, then your chances of generate new leads as well as nurturing existing customers becomes more attainable. You also open up the podium to positioning yourself as a thought leader and even become more visible to influencers within your niche.

Now that you have these three tips in mind, here are a few resources to turn to for getting started:

Lastly, here are three take away points as to why keyword research is imperative to foster business objectives:

  • Better understanding your target audience means that you can write topics they actually care about and will then share within their network. Build value by providing educational and free content. This is key to winning trust and loyalty with your customers as well as prospects.
  • Proliferate your brand beyond just your website. Consider ways in which you can be seen as a trusted influencer by writing guest blog posts and even running co-marketing campaigns with other credible companies or individuals. (Remember that keyword research isn’t just about serving SEO needs anymore, but also about how you can use it to execute an effective content and digital marketing strategy).
  • Measure the ROI of your overall digital marketing efforts. Having meaningful analytics for you to make better business decisions will ensure larger successes down the road.

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