customer lifecycle stages

How to Create Content for Every Lifecycle Stage

Knowing your customers’ buying journey is important for every business as it’s crucial you understand what a lead goes through when considering your offer, purchasing, and then using your product regularly. When you have a clear picture of what this

Google Ads Audit

How to Do a Google Ads Audit (and Increase Conversions)

Are you presently running ads through Google? Wondering why your conversion rate seems to be on the low side? Well, you aren’t alone! Mastering the art of running ads can be a little tricky (and costly). But if you want

how to market to gen z

7 Gen Z Marketing Strategies to Implement

Wondering how your brand can reach and convert those in the Gen Z crowd? Marketing to younger generations (such as those in Gen Z) is different from marketing to those in older generations. They have different needs and interests. Different

linkedin goodness

5 Ways to Generate Demand and Leads with LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is truly in a class of one when it comes to social marketing, particularly in B2B lead generation. A recent survey found that 86% of B2B marketing professionals prefer LinkedIn for social media marketing campaigns. LinkedIn dominates the lead

7 Ways to Give Your B2B Blog a Glow Up

B2B marketing is all about showing your prospects how your product or service will help them solve a problem. Whether you’re a SaaS company or your customers are other businesses, you need to prove your value by educating your prospects

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